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Lyft Feedback – Literally Giving the Shoes Off My Feet

Lyft Feedback Shoes Off FeetBack in April I picked up 4 girls at The Taste of Leucadia.  They had been walking from establishment to establishment and although tired (and at least a little drunk), they were anxious to continue on.  While on the way to their next destination, they mentioned that one of them didn’t have any shoes and asked if I had a spare pair of flip flops.  I didn’t have any extra footwear, but I did feel sorry for the girl who by now had some fairly severe blisters, so I donated my pair of sneakers.  They didn’t fit real great, but she was super appreciative and they left this comment.

I like to make sure all my passengers are as comfortable as possible to give them a great Lyft experience and this was just one example.

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