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Lyft Leaves Driver Without Work or Car, w Injury After Accident

It happened last Wednesday afternoon.  I was driving for Lyft, going to pick-up a passenger, at the Old Town Trolley Station, when someone in a pickup truck in front of me backed up suddenly and drove up into my hood,  causing quite a bit of damage.  I had to get out of the car on the passenger side.

After getting the other driver’s license and insurance info and taking a few photos, I got a phone call from the passenger wondering where I was.  I explained that I was less than 50 yards away and could actually see him.  I then patiently listened to the other driver’s apologies before I proceeded on to pick up the passenger and delivered him to his destination.  Then I drove straight home and called Lyft.  Strike that, Lyft doesn’t offer a way to call Lyft, so I had to contact them via their website and have someone call me.  When they did, they told me that my access to drive was cut off, but that their ‘Trust and Safety’ team would be in contact.

I didn’t hear from the Lyft ‘Trust and Safety’ team until 3 days later through an email – and that was only because I had tweeted to @asklyft a few times.  Mindy said that I would be hearing from an adjuster …  but I’m not holding my breath on this one.  After reviewing Lyft’s insurance policy, I’ve very glad that I was not to blame for the accident – or I would have to pay a crazy $2500 deductible for coverage to my vehicle.

Meanwhile, I have no car, no way to drive for Lyft (my sole form of income), my neck is messed up and I’ve been having headaches.  It really isn’t fun facing the stress of being ignored and not having a way to actually call someone to take some action when it is needed.  Lyft is showing me how much they care about their drivers – and it is very little.  Just because people think Lyft treats its drivers better than Uber, please don’t confuse that with treating them well.  Lyft is proving right now that they do not care about their drivers at all.

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